Exceptional versatility with Bruno's take-apart lift, to help you store your scooter in vehicles with smaller trunks.

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Scooter Lift BRUNO ASL-325 Clearance $585 USD
(Reg. $845 USD)
  • The Space-Saver is a take-apart lift that solves the problem of storing a scooter in smaller vehicles with limited trunk space.


  • The Space-Saver fits closer to the interior trunk wall providing a tighter arc when manually swinging the scooter in and out of the trunk. This allows scooters to be stored in spaces that won't work with more conventional lift designs, and the rotation of the lift arm makes it possible to raise and lower the scooter at the rear or side of the vehicle.


  • The Space-Saver is fully adjustable for height and length and can raise scooters weighing up to 180 lbs. (82 kgs). The lift's tower base can be easily adjusted to fit nearly any car's trunk, ensuring a useful, reliable installation.

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  • The Space-Saver can be stored anywhere, in the trunk or inside the vehicle itself. And when an additional tower base installation kit is ordered, the lift can be used in more than one vehicle. Contact Bruno's Technical Application Department

  • The Space-Saver is lightweight and assembly and disassembly can be completed in three simple steps, quickly and easily.
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